Sun Burst New Website FAQs


FAQs for New Easy to use  Sun Burst Website:

Q: What is the order platform used by Sun Burst Coffee? A: Sun Burst Coffee uses Shopify, which is used by millions of websites in 175 countries.

Q: How do I open a new account on the Sun Burst Coffee website? A: To open a new account, go to the upper right-hand corner of the home page and click on the person icon. Choose a login and password that you will save for future orders. If you had an account before, you probably will have your latest billing and shipping information already available.

Q: What is the Subscription option to set up future orders? A: The new Subscription feature allows you to set up future orders allows you to choose the frequency at which you want your orders shipped. This option makes life easier and ensures that you do not run out of coffee. The new Subscription system also gives you complete flexibility to adjust your order and delivery dates. The system keeps your credit card secure, so you do not have to worry about entering it every time you place an order.

Q: How do I choose my coffee and set up future orders? A: To choose your coffee and set up future orders, mark the option to set up future orders for each coffee item. Each coffee item must be set up with the same frequency, but this is optional.

Q: How do I review and submit my order? A: Review your order and make sure the billing and shipping information is correct. Click submit, and you will receive an email confirming your order. You will also get another email with your tracking information to let you know when your order will arrive.

Q: What are the shipping details for the United States? A: Free shipping is available for orders with 4 or more packages. Discounts are as follows:

One to four packages: $4.95 flat shipping will be added to your order.

Five to seven packages: 5% discount

Eight to eleven packages: 7% discount

Twelve to sixteen packages: 8% discount

17 or more packages: 10% discount


Q: How can I contact Sun Burst Coffee directly? A: You can contact us directly by phone at 512-535-1058 or by email at


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